What other Coaching Operators were there?

22 Dec

Want to look up a competitor coaching firm?

Do you have details to share about one not listed here? Dont hesitate to contact me.

State/Colony Comments
Firms running under Cobb & Co brand
HA Crawford & Co VIC Beechworth & north-east,  Southern NSW
Henry & Charles Hoyt VIC early 1860s Western Districts. 1863 expanded to NZ, then 1868, to Japan
Hill (Henry), Rounsevell, Whitford, Jackson SA Henry Hill sold his C&C firm to them
IJK Cohn WA to Coolgardie
Kidman & Nicholas WA Bought Marwick business in 1896
Marwick & Wilkinson WA bough Cohn business in 1894
Robertson & Wagner VIC Melb-Central Vic
Vines & McPhee VIC northen ming districts
Western Stage Co VIC Western distriuct
Australian Stage Company VIC Mssrs Warren, Brundy & Russell 1862
Other firms
Bayley & Ford VIC transported 211 passengers in one day to Melb cup
Chambers SA
Charters NSW Narrabri, Broken Hill- Wilcannia 1880s
Clapp FB  & Co VIC Mel-Ballarat + 1857
Crane & Roberts NSW
Crawford & Connolloy VIC
Crook & Watt VIC Mel-Ballarat from 1851
Danny Gaynor NSW had mail contract until 1861 (Bathurst Publican)
Ford & Co NSW
Frederick J Matthews VIC Clunes
G Foster & Vinge. Royal Mail & Estafette VIC To Castlemaine & Bendigo, Beechworth, Ovens  1856
Gravenor & Warburton VIC Mel-Bendigo 1854
Greens Royal Mail VIC to Beechowrth & Ovens 1856
Hawdon VIC
Howard & Co’s Argus Line VIC To Castlemaine, Bendigo, Ballarat  1856
Ireland & Richards NSW Sydney-Goulburn, Sydney Bathurst, 1824-34
J Reilly & Ireland NSW Penrith to Bathurst from 1830
John Hill & Co SA, NSW Hay, Deniliquin, Moama
Kendall NSW
Kingsland & Malone NSW Goulburn -Bungendore 1875-1881
Morison brothers NSW
Mrs Cox TAS
Perry NSW
RJ Howard VIC Mel-Castlemaine & Bendigo from 1852
Robert Elliot & John Lupton NSW from 1856 Penrith-Hartley-Bathurst-Sofala
Robertson & Britton VIC, NSW acquired Mel-Bendigo line. In 1862 acquired Hay, Deniliquin, Moama lines
Rowlands & Lewis VIC Geelong
Sam Page TAS
Swanton, Blake & Co VIC Melb-Bendigo + 1857
T Hodges VIC 1853 first used US stlyte coaches in Australia
Telegraph Line of Coaches VIC Hiram Crawford, Albury – Chiltern; Albury-Kiandra
Thomas Davies Peoples Telegraph Line VIC to Ballarat 1856
Tuck & Co NSW Gloucestor – 1880
Victorian State Co VIC 13 member syndicate
W & J Rounsevell SA bought by Cobb & Co
Watson & Hewitt VIC 1857
William Rutledge & Co VIC 1855, Western District

8 Responses to “What other Coaching Operators were there?”

  1. Denise December 15, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

    H A Crawford & Co above also ran into NSW for many decades. Crawford & Connolly was never an official name, merely colloquial. It was H A Crawford & Co until the early 1880s then added Ltd and Pty over the next two decades. Denise

    • Denise July 20, 2016 at 10:32 am #

      The list on coach owners indicates H A Crawford ran under the banner of Cobb. THis is mainly not correct – he ran one line for a short while connecting to Cobbs coach. Other than that it was always HA Crawford & Co. or from the 1880s Crawford & Co.

  2. Kristine Howard October 30, 2016 at 9:25 pm #

    Hi there
    I am currently researching Malone and Pooley Star Line of Royal Mail Coaches, Moran and Pooley, John Pooley, A and P Pooley (Arthur and Philip), Pooley and Malone Star Line of Royal Mail Coaches, Thomas Pooley, Arthur Pooley.
    Some of the routes they ran were Goulburn-Gunning-Gundaroo-Queanbeyan; Goulburn-Tarago-Bungendore-Queanbeyan; Tarago Bungdore-Braidwood-Major’s Creek-Araluen-Moruya; Moruya-Bateman’s Bay; Goulburn-Mt Costigan; Goulburn-Crookwell; Queanbeyan-Michalego-Cooma-Nimmitabel-Bombala and more. They had mail contracts for these routes.
    In 1867-68 Frederick ran Pooley’s Van (a light American wagon) for passengers and luggage from Mittagong to Goulburn. In 1868 Frederick commenced a daily run with a two horse coach carrying seven passengers and luggage, between Marulan and Goulburn. In 1869 he sold his coaching plant.
    In 1871 he formed a partnership with Thomas Moran ‘Pooley and Moran’s Royal Line of Mail Coaches’. This partnership did not last very long.
    In 1872 Frederick commenced running a coach from Goulburn to Tuena, Peelwood to Junction Point.
    Frederick sold out to Cobb and Co in 1875. Cobb and Co only lasted in the district for about 6 months. Fredrick’s brothers continued coaching.
    Frederick died in 1891 and Philip in 1897. Brothers John, Arthur and Thomas continued with coaching from Braidwood until early in the 1900s.
    I can post more details at a later date when I have completed my research.
    Kristine Howard

    • Sam Everingham October 31, 2016 at 7:47 am #

      Hi Kristine, Thanks so much for this. Its a terrific addition. please keep researching!

      • Denise October 31, 2016 at 10:04 pm #

        I have reference to a John Pooley who lived in Silver Creek (Beechworth) at least in the early 1870s.

    • denisem October 31, 2016 at 2:14 pm #

      Hi I have done years of research into the coaching company of Crawford and company North East Victoria and happy to help at any time

      Sent from my Samsung GALAXY S5

  3. Jim Davidson December 4, 2016 at 10:59 am #

    what about the nowland bros. liverpool plains & musslebrook my grandfather billy lumley drove coaches for them in narrabri area before joining cobb & co. he drove the last cobb & co coach to run from charleville to tambo. my father jimmy davidson jnr. & jimmy snr. also drove cobb & co coaches mainly around surat st.george & thallon area

  4. Michel Skinner February 23, 2021 at 12:45 am #

    My 2 x Great Grandfather, Samuel Bryant Pinney (Penny, Pinny other known spellings) was apparently the youngest 4 in hand coach driver around 1877, supposedly in Sydney but it looks as if it could have been Melbourne. I can find no records at Cobb & Co. Is there any other way of finding out who he drove for in the 1800’s.

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