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What other Coaching Operators were there?

22 Dec

Want to look up a competitor coaching firm?

Do you have details to share about one not listed here? Dont hesitate to contact me.

State/Colony Comments
Firms running under Cobb & Co brand
HA Crawford & Co VIC Beechworth & north-east,  Southern NSW
Henry & Charles Hoyt VIC early 1860s Western Districts. 1863 expanded to NZ, then 1868, to Japan
Hill (Henry), Rounsevell, Whitford, Jackson SA Henry Hill sold his C&C firm to them
IJK Cohn WA to Coolgardie
Kidman & Nicholas WA Bought Marwick business in 1896
Marwick & Wilkinson WA bough Cohn business in 1894
Robertson & Wagner VIC Melb-Central Vic
Vines & McPhee VIC northen ming districts
Western Stage Co VIC Western distriuct
Australian Stage Company VIC Mssrs Warren, Brundy & Russell 1862
Other firms
Bayley & Ford VIC transported 211 passengers in one day to Melb cup
Chambers SA
Charters NSW Narrabri, Broken Hill- Wilcannia 1880s
Clapp FB  & Co VIC Mel-Ballarat + 1857
Crane & Roberts NSW
Crawford & Connolloy VIC
Crook & Watt VIC Mel-Ballarat from 1851
Danny Gaynor NSW had mail contract until 1861 (Bathurst Publican)
Ford & Co NSW
Frederick J Matthews VIC Clunes
G Foster & Vinge. Royal Mail & Estafette VIC To Castlemaine & Bendigo, Beechworth, Ovens  1856
Gravenor & Warburton VIC Mel-Bendigo 1854
Greens Royal Mail VIC to Beechowrth & Ovens 1856
Hawdon VIC
Howard & Co’s Argus Line VIC To Castlemaine, Bendigo, Ballarat  1856
Ireland & Richards NSW Sydney-Goulburn, Sydney Bathurst, 1824-34
J Reilly & Ireland NSW Penrith to Bathurst from 1830
John Hill & Co SA, NSW Hay, Deniliquin, Moama
Kendall NSW
Kingsland & Malone NSW Goulburn -Bungendore 1875-1881
Morison brothers NSW
Mrs Cox TAS
Perry NSW
RJ Howard VIC Mel-Castlemaine & Bendigo from 1852
Robert Elliot & John Lupton NSW from 1856 Penrith-Hartley-Bathurst-Sofala
Robertson & Britton VIC, NSW acquired Mel-Bendigo line. In 1862 acquired Hay, Deniliquin, Moama lines
Rowlands & Lewis VIC Geelong
Sam Page TAS
Swanton, Blake & Co VIC Melb-Bendigo + 1857
T Hodges VIC 1853 first used US stlyte coaches in Australia
Telegraph Line of Coaches VIC Hiram Crawford, Albury – Chiltern; Albury-Kiandra
Thomas Davies Peoples Telegraph Line VIC to Ballarat 1856
Tuck & Co NSW Gloucestor – 1880
Victorian State Co VIC 13 member syndicate
W & J Rounsevell SA bought by Cobb & Co
Watson & Hewitt VIC 1857
William Rutledge & Co VIC 1855, Western District

Did your ancestor drive for Cobb & Co?

19 Dec

Lots of Australians ask me about relatives of theirs who drove for Cobb & Co or competitor firms in 19th century Australia. Check out the list to see if your relative is there. If there is a driver missing, let me know!

In the past years dozens of families have written to provide updates to the list below. It has been gradually enlarged to over 1640 drivers, owners and coach-hands through a painstaking review of old newspaper records.

Coaching Staff (Click to open)


Upcoming Author talks

24 Nov

The Shocking Truth Behind the Cobb & Co Legend.

An illustrated talk which  uses over 110 nineteenth century images to bring to life the human side of Cobb & Co – the powerful families who ran the empire, their larger than life personalities, private tragedies, the drivers who made the firm famous and the incredible hardships endured by passengers journeying into Australia’s heartland in an age before the telephone, the mailman, the fax machine, before rivers even had bridges. Being held up by bushrangers, having to strip and swim a river in the dead of night, being stranded on a boggy track for days were just some of the hardships of nineteenth century travel.


Killara Probus Club, Sydney Fri 13 April 2018         11am

Beecroft West Probus Club, Thurs 7th June 2018

Lindfield East Probus Club,  Tues 12 June 2018 11am

Prospect Heritage Group, Sun 12 August, 2018

Madam Lash – The Inside Story

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Manly District Probus Club, Thurs 10 May 2018

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