Gordon Barton – reader reviews

‘I’m only a few chapters into your new book and I am enjoying it immensely.’ 

Peter Resanceff

‘I … enjoyed it immensely.’
 Bob Miller

‘I finished the book in quick time. It is an absolutely excellent read and I’m telling anyone who’ll listen. I didn’t have a single moment thinking “this is slow” or “I don’t get this bit”. You did an excellent job of keeping it fast paced yet factual, sufficiently chronological, and grouped in themes … the ending, … was as “sad” as fiction.’

Richard Whitington 

‘I think it is excellently written (you really do have a “must keep reading” style) 

…  I think that – if a biography was going to be written – I’m glad you did it.

Lis Weeding

‘Well done – I think you’ve captured the man very well and I found it a very interesting read, learning much I didn’t know about Gordon and his “commercial” history! The ending struck me as very poignant … The story is a bit like that of Howard Hughes so maybe there is a movie in it as well……

Jon Sedgwick

I liked the book. ….I reckon it’s a prize winner.

Brian Johns

‘I … am enjoying every page. You have certainly done justice to a remarkable Aussie.’

Geoffrey Barton 

‘I think you’ve handled it very well indeed. I enjoyed reading it immensely’.

Ian Sayer


2 Responses to “Gordon Barton – reader reviews”

  1. Robin Helmond January 8, 2016 at 2:53 pm #

    Having had brief contact with Barton during the 1972 Australia Party campaign I thoroughly enjoyed this revealing biography. My understanding of the politics of the time has been vastly improved as well. You have made a valuable and important contribution to the recording of Australian history.

    • Sam Everingham January 9, 2016 at 11:26 am #

      Thanks Robin
      Always terrific to hear from readers who enjoy my books!!!
      And I do love bring Australian history to life
      Sam Everingham

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