Investigative Journalism

Birds Eye View – Global Mergers and Acquisitions impact on the Australian Industry, Research News (magazine), February 2011

Dancing With Strangers, Research News (magazine), February 2011

Madam Lash’s Grand Opera of a Life on canvas, The Australian, 31 May 2010

Truth Behind An Aussie Icon, The Courier, Ballarat, 8 April, 2009

Australia’s Gatsby, Good Reading magazine, March 2009

Publisher Questionnaires, Victorian Writer, March 2009

In Search of Barton, Newswrite, NSW Writers Centre, March 2009

The Rise of An Empire, The Advertiser (Bendigo) 28 Feb, 2009.

Writing Dynasties – The Cobb & Co story, Newswrite, NSW Writers Centre June 2007

Complementary Medicines, Threat or Promise? Pharma In Focus 16 May 2005

‘To Have and To Hold – the future for same sex marriage and divorce’ Refresh Australia M arch 2005  p25 –26, WM Media

‘Time for a Change’ Refresh Australia, WM Media M arch 2005 p 49-50

‘Brothers in Arms’ Refresh Australia, WM Media January 2005 p50-54

Always, Sometimes, Never. The Story of Generic Substitution, Pharma In Focus 20 Dec 2004

Generics Struggle Over Image Pharma In Focus 25 October 2004

‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it’ Refresh Australia, WM Media October 2004

‘Out of the Woodwork’ Melbourne Community Voice, June 4, 2004 Vol 180, p7

‘Mentors, moments and the Mitchell Library’ Newswrite, NSW Writers Centre, March 2003.

‘Have drugs, will party’  Campaign Australia, November 1992

‘Thank you for not deporting me‘ Campaign Australia, November 1992.


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