Madam Lash – reader feedback

‘ totally fascinated by the book and have passed the word around to all my gang …  it is a fantastic read and I hope its hugely successful!… You certainly do it marvellously well!’

Annie McCarthy

‘your book, which I loved …   is a great read, and a very sad story about what has happened to a unique Sydney figure.’

Garry Wotherspoon

‘I read your book and I just want to say how fantastic it was and how much I enjoyed it … I really think you got the message across that she is an eccentric artist and not a prostitute or madam as most of society think she is. Truly a most interesting woman and you did her great justice.’

Henrietta Stride

‘I’m now half way through the book and I think its fantastic …  A wonderful look at Sydney at a certain time. I’m sure it will sell very well’

Margot Saville

‘I have just finished your book. I found it a great read and it must have been very difficult to write, so well done.’

Michael Morton-Evans

‘it is an easy and entertaining read … and very well researched … about extraordinary and liberated times that have now gone with the wind.’

Roger Foley (LSD Fogg)

‘It doesnt take you very long to work out what an extraordinary and singular woman she is … I loved the mystery surrounding one of the book character’s who is only referred to as The Patron.’

Alan Brough (ABC Radio)

‘I so enjoyed the book on Madam Lash – well written’

Alan Wilcock


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